Declining Nutritional Values of Rice (Science):

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Levels This Century Will Alter the Protein, Micronutrients and Vitamin Content of Rice Grains With Potential Health Consequences for the Poorest Rice-Dependent Countries

Chinese Study ~ Why We Must Mitigate (Advances in Atmospheric Sciences):

Climate Change of 4◦C Global Warming Above Pre-Industrial Levels 

Meeting UN Targets ~ The Economic Benefits (Nature):

Large Potential Reduction in Economic Damages Under UN Mitigation Targets

NASA Photo Gallery ~ Global Change Covering Periods From Centuries to Days (Climate Change, Urbanization, Fires, etc.):

Images of Change

Sea Level & Storm Surge Report (US Nat'l Park Service):

Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Projections for the National Park Service (90 pg)

European Wind Energy Assessment by UK Researchers (ERL):

Changes in European Wind Energy Generation Potential Within a 1.5°C Degree Warmer World

NOAA's Early Warning System for Global Coral Reefs (Frontiers):

Predicting Heat Stress to Inform Reef Management: NOAA Coral Reef Watch's 4-Month Coral Bleaching Outlook

Our Memories of Prior Climate Trends (Climatic Change):

Perceptions of Seasonal Weather are Linked to Beliefs About Global Climate Change: Evidence from Norway

Adaptation by Vulnerable Pacific Island Communities (Climate Risk Management):

Climate-Related Community Knowledge Networks as a Tool to Increase Learning in the Context of Environmental Change

Royal Society Theme Issue ~ Adaptation Policy:

Advances in risk assessment for climate change adaptation policy

Extreme Flooding in South Africa (GSA Bulletin):

Morphodynamics of bedrock-influenced dryland rivers during extreme floods: Insights from the Kruger National Park, South Africa

Changes in Ocean Temps Disturbing Marine Species (PLOS):

Projecting shifts in thermal habitat for 686 species on the North American continental shelf

The Ecological Niche of Quebec's Protected Areas (Nature):

Northern protected areas will become important refuges for biodiversity tracking suitable climates

IRENA Policymaking Report ~ Renewable Energy:

Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition

IEA Report on Global AC Growth:

The Future of Cooling: Opportunities for Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

Global Drought Study (J. of Current Climate Change Reports):

Climate Change and Drought: From Past to Future

World Freshwater Assessment (Nature):

Emerging trends in global freshwater availability