Survey of Environmental Journalists (George Mason U):

Climate Matters in the Newsroom: Society of Environmental Journalists Member Survey

Survey ~ Motivating US Parents to Act (ERL):

Framing clean energy campaigns to promote civic engagement among parents

Study ~ Emotional Appeals (J of Communication):

Pathways of Influence in Emotional Appeals: Benefits and Tradeoffs of Using Fear or Humor to Promote Climate Change-Related Intentions and Risk Perceptions

Report ~ US Sea Level Rise (Virginia Institute of Marine Science):

Anthropocene Sea Level Change: A History of Recent Trends Observed in the U.S. East, Gulf, and West Coast Regions

Greenland Lake Drainage (Nature):

Cascading lake drainage on the Greenland Ice Sheet triggered by tensile shock and fracture

Report ~ The Climate Crisis (Climate Reality Project):

Extreme Weather & the Climate Crisis

Increasing Snow Avalanches (PNAS):

Climate warming enhances snow avalanche risk in the Western Himalayas

Biodiversity Conservation (Nature):

The implications of the United Nations Paris Agreement on climate change for globally significant biodiversity areas

International Report ~ Weather Extremes:

Trends in Weather Extremes (February 2018)

Consensus Statement by Commonwealth Nations:

Commonwealth Academies of Science Consensus Statement on Climate Change

Greenpeace Report ~ Fragile Antarctic Ocean:

Licence to Krill: The Little-Known World of Antarctic Fishing

Extreme US Winter Weather (Nature):

Warm Arctic episodes linked with increased frequency of extreme winter weather in the United States

NOAA Report ~ US West Coast Marine Ecosystem:

California Current Ecosystem Status Report

Carbon Footprint Report ~ World's Cities (C40 Cities Group):

Consumption-Based GHG Emissions of C40 Cities

Tundra Vegetation (ERL):

Uniform Shrub Growth Response to June Temperature Across the North Slope of Alaska

Report ~ Forest Fire Risk (European Commission):

Forest fire danger extremes in Europe under climate change

Tropical Forest Mortality (New Phytologist):

Drivers and mechanisms of tree mortality in moist tropical forests

NOAA Report ~ US Coastal Flooding:

Patterns & Projections of High Tide Flooding Along the US Coastline Using a Common Impact Threshold

Global Sea Level Rise (ERL):

Extreme sea level implications of 1.5 °C, 2.0 °C, and 2.5 °C temperature stabilization targets in the 21st and 22nd century

Mongabay on Arctic Wildlife:

Beyond polar bears: Arctic animals share in vulnerable climate future

Croplands of Sub-Saharan Africa (PLOS):

Impacts of climate change on cropping patterns in a tropical, sub-humid watershed

Climate & Evolutionary Adaptation (Nature):

Strong phenotypic plasticity limits potential for evolutionary responses to climate change

CPI Climate Finance Report:

Supporting the Momentum of Paris: A Systems Approach to Accelerating Climate Finance

Coastal Flooding (Science):

Global climate change and local land subsidence exacerbate inundation risk to the San Francisco Bay Area

Arctic Ice Record Lows ~ US Nat'l Snow & Ice Data Ctr:

Monthly Report for 6 March 2018

Guardian: Arctic has warmest winter on record: 'It's just crazy, crazy stuff'