Bill Nye: Climate change & Louisiana floods



CLIMATE FEEDBACK: A voice for science in climate change media coverage


From the Guardian


Climate Change: A Wicked Problem (Press Release from U of Notre Dame)

New Book Discusses “Wicked” Problem of Climate Change - See more at: https://engineering.nd.edu/news-publications/pressreleases/new-book-discusses-201cwicked201d-problem-of-climate-change#sthash.LhKZcb4L.dpuf
New Book Discusses “Wicked” Problem of Climate Change - See more at: https://engineering.nd.edu/news-publications/pressreleases/new-book-discusses-201cwicked201d-problem-of-climate-change#sthash.LhKZcb4L.dpuf

Study by Climate Central

States at Risk: America's Preparedness Report Card

BBC Story


Tim Flannery Book:

Atmosphere of HopeSearching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis


Survey: Biophysical Scientists on Climate Change

The climate change consensus extends beyond climate scientists. Abstract Excerpt: The existence of anthropogenic climate change remains a public controversy despite the consensus among climate scientists. The controversy may be fed by the existence of scientists from other disciplines publicly casting doubt on the validity of climate science.... [W]e report on a survey of biophysical scientists across disciplines at universities in the Big 10 Conference.... [Our] results suggest that scientists who are climate change skeptics are outliers and that the majority of scientists surveyed believe in anthropogenic climate change....
Washington Post


NOAA: Fisheries Climate Strategy

Report: Fisheries Climate Science Strategy & Strategy Highlights. This "Strategy identifies seven objectives which will provide decision-makers with the information they need to reduce impacts and increase resilience in a changing climate."

Report: Climate Change on the Oregon Coast

A Citizen’s Guide to Adapting to Climate Change on the Oregon Coast is a 2 part report published by the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition containing a primer and set of papers written by Oregon experts in science, law, and policy.


NOAA: Report Confirms 2014 was Earth’s Warmest

The "State of the Climate" is the authoritative annual summary of the global climate published as a supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society; compiled by NOAA, it is based on contributions from 413 scientists from 58 countries around the world.
2014 State of the Climate: Highlights
Press Release


Yale Project on Climate Change: Interactive US Opinion Poll Maps

Published in conjunction with a Nature Climate Change article, "Geographic variation in opinions on climate change at state and local scales in the USA," these MAPS reflect public understanding of climate change from county, state, congressional district, to federal levels. Yale Article.


Study: Vulnerability of Colorado to Climate Change

Western Water Assessment collaborated with Colorado State U in a study of climate vulnerability.
Joint Press Release.


NOAA 2014 Fact Sheet On Climate Basics

Information brochures on various aspects of weather and climate.


UK Met Office: 2014 was UK's warmest year on record

According to the UK Met Office, not only do records show that 2014 was the warmest (and 4th wettest) year since 1910 for the UK, but the warmest since 1659 according to the world's longest running instrumental temperature series which is in Central England (the "Central England Temperature Series").
LSE Press Release: "UK's hottest year highlights Government's failure to tell public about impacts of climate change"
The Guardian: "2014 was UK's hottest year on record, says Met Office"
BBC News: "2014 confirmed as UK's warmest year"


World Wildlife Fund: Short Online Course "Key Concepts in Climate Adaptation"

See interactive course from WWF which includes discussion of such terms as "vulnerability, impacts, adaptation, and mitigation."

UNFCCC Adaptation Committee Releases Short Documentary

20 minute film discusses worldwide climate adaptation measures from this Committee:

See also: UNFCCC Newsroom website


Climate Change Encyclopedia

This 4 volume encyclopedia includes contributions from 100 authors.


16 minute film: Climate Change 2014

Experts discuss the IPCC 5th Assessment Report

Nicholas Stern Report

"Growth, Climate, and Collaboration: Towards Agreement in Paris 2015" discusses 4 key elements for a successful COP21:

  • The risks from unmanaged climate change are potentially immense and delay is dangerous.
  • The path to a low-carbon economy can be highly attractive, embodying strong and high quality growth, investment and innovation in the context of rapid global structural transformation
  • The agreement should be based on a shared commitment to creating “equitable access to sustainable development”
  • The agreement should be structured to facilitate dynamic and collaborative interactions between parties. Governments should not insist that an agreement be an internationally legally-binding treaty.

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