Antarctica Positive Feedback: Increased Glacial Meltwater (Science):

Freshening by glacial meltwater enhances melting of ice shelves and reduces formation of Antarctic Bottom Water

Jeremy Grantham LSE Lecture ~ What Investors Need to Know about Technology & Climate Change: The Race of Our Lives (68 min)

State of the Great Barrier Reef (Nature):

Global warming transforms coral reef assemblages

MIT Study ~ Global Water Scarcity & Our Biomass Needs (Ag & Resource Economics):

The impact of water scarcity on food, bioenergy and deforestation

Sensitivity of Tibetan Plateau / Alpine Grasslands (PNAS):

Shifting plant species composition in response to climate change stabilizes grassland primary production

IRENA Report ~ Renewable Energy:

Global Energy Transformation: A Roadmap to 2050

Habitat Change in Greenland (Royal Society):

Differential arthropod responses to warming are altering the structure of Arctic communities

Tree Restoration Report (WRI & Nature Conservancy):

The Business of Planting Trees: A Growing Investment Opportunity

Report ~ Global Air Pollution:

State of Global Air / 2018: A Special Report on Global Exposure to Air Pollution & its Disease Burden

Indian Tropical Tree Study (AoB Plants):

Leaf thermotolerance in dry tropical forest tree species: relationships with leaf traits and effects of drought

Tracking Carbon Via Tree Rings (Nature):

Intramolecular 13C analysis of tree rings provides multiple plant ecophysiology signals covering decades

Changes in US River Flows Following Wildfires (Nature):

Burned forests impact water supplies

Vertical Forests (Climate Home News):

‘We have brought swallows into Milan’, says father of the vertical forest

African Farmers (Science of the Total Environment):

Rainfall variability and drought characteristics in two agro-climatic zones: An assessment of climate change challenges in Africa

Urbanization is Increasing Pollution Over Amazon Forest (Science):

Isoprene photo-oxidation products quantify the effect of pollution on hydroxyl radicals over Amazonia

The Shifting Arid-Humid Divide In N. America (Earth Interactions):

Whither the 100th Meridian? The Once and Future Physical and Human Geography of America’s Arid–Humid Divide. Part II: The Meridian Moves East

Nature Editorial ~ Possible AMOC Tipping Point:

Ocean circulation is changing, and we need to know why